Deep Clean



Deep clean, windows, doors, floors, oven, bedroom, bathroom, tiles, mirrors, bins, bedroom, windows, bins, light switches, plugs, vacuum and mopping

Houshold:Organize Closets
Dust / Clean All Mirrors, Frames and Decorative Items
Dust / Vacuum All Lamps, Lamp Shades
Remove Cobwebs
Wash Walls/ Touch Up Pain
Wash Skirting Boards, Door Frames and Doors
Dust Light Fixtures and Fans
Dust / Polish Wall Decor
Clean Windows / Blinds / Screens and Tracks
Dust / Wash or Replace Air Vents if Necessary
Vacuum & Shampoo All Carpets
Dust / Shine Overhead Lights, Replace Burnt Out Bulbs
Move All Pieces of Furniture & Sweep / Vacuum / Dust
Wash Curtains
Dust / Polish / Wax All FurnitureKitchen:Wash Kitchen Cabinets / Drawers / Shelves Inside & Out
Deep Clean Freezer – Defrost and Clean Out
Deep Clean Over / Microwave / Dishwasher
Move Stove & Vacuum and Mop Behind It
Vacuum Stove Vents
Move Fridge & Vacuum and Mop Behind It
Vacuum Coils On Fridge
Clean Food Trap in Dishwasher
Deep Clean Fridge Shelves, Tray and Doors
Get Rid of All Expired Food and Over Used Items
Shine / Disinfect Sink
Clean Counters / Backsplash – Disinfect
Sweep / Mop Floor and Wax If Necessary
Clean / Purge / Organize Cabinets, Pantry & Cupboards
Wash / Polish All Silverware


Remove Scum Using Water, Vinegar & Lemon Juice
Get Rid of Toilet Rings w/ a Swipe of Dryer Sheet
Fill a Bag w/ Vinegar & Tie Around Shower Head
Leave Overnight & It Will Run Like New
Wipe Down Faucet with Dryer Sheet To Make Shiny
Wash Shower Curtains / Liners
Clean Mirrors
Wash Bathmat / Towels
Disinfect / Scrub Sink, Toilet Bowl, Shower & Bath
Mop Floors
Clean / Disinfect Counters
Clean Under Countertops and Reorganize Cupboards
Throw Away Any Old Products & Expired Medication
Scrub / Reseal Tile Grout
Check / Fix Any Leaks & Clogs

Living Room

Clean Television Screen
Dust / Clean All Appliances and Electronics
Wash All Throw Pillows & Blankets
Wash / Clean All Slipcovers, Upholstery and Curtains
Wax / Dust / Polish Any Furniture
Vacuum Couch Crevices, Fluff All Pillows and Cushions
Clean Out Fireplace If Necessary

Wash All Bedding Including Duvet
Dust / Clean Mirrors, Frames & Decorative Items
Flip Mattress / If Using Pillow Top Rotate Mattress
Clean Mattress By Mixing Baking Soda & Lavender Oil
Spread Over Mattress, Wait 1 Hour and Vacuum Up
Clean Out All Closets, Cupboards & Dressers
Take Out All Unwanted / Unused Items & Donate
Reorganize & Put Clothes Away
Dust / Polish / Wax Any FurnitureOffice:Dust / Polish / Wax Any Furniture
Dust / Clean Computer, Keyboard and Monitor
Clean Out / Organize All Drawers & Shelves
Clean Out Files / File Cabinets
Organize House Paperwork & Bills
Shred Old / Unnecessary Documents

Utility Space:

Clean Washing Machine By Running 1 Cycle w/ Bleach
Run Another Cycle w/ White Vinegar
Sweep / Mop Under Washing Machine / Dryer
Vacuum Out Lint Buildup
Clean Out / Organize Attic & Basement
Sweep / Clean
Wash A/C Unit & All Filters / Replace If Necessary
Check Electrical Box (Label Everything Accordingly)


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